Daily Walks

Leaving your dog at home all day on its own is never ideal. Paws in Motion aims to make it easier by providing a reliable and safe dog walking service. Our mission is to make each walk the highlight of your dog’s day,while exhausting them of any pent up energy and eliminate the anxiety you feel leaving your at home.

On a typical daily group walk, we will collect your dog from your home at no extra charge and safely transport them to a destination where they can exercise and play safely as a group. Group walks are tailored to your dog’s energy level, size, breed and age.

Group Walks take place in a completely fenced in off leash park, where your dog is allowed to run free providing play and interaction with other dogs. We like 
to vary the locations to give your puppy the opportunity of exploration and 
change so our  group walks take place at the following off leash parks, Greenwood Park, Kew Beach, Cherry Beach, Carlaw Park  Warden Woods.

Individual Walks If your dog is elderly or doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs and needs undivided attention or extra close supervision we can take your dog on a separate, satisfying, one-on-one leash walk in your neighbourhood.

Daily walks help keep your dog happy and healthy. Regular exercise, affection and socialization facilitates mental and physical health in dogs. Daily exercise can reduce behavior and health problems. At least one daily walk will help prevent hyper activity, destructiveness, separation anxiety, depression and stress.