Puppy & Cat Visits

Your puppy needs their own special care and attention. We will give them a thirty minute visit. This includes feeding, taking them out for a potty break and then lots of one on one playtime. We will clean up any wee accidents that may have occurred.

To house train your puppy properly we recommend 8 to 20 week old puppies receive two visits a day.

This type of visit is also recommended for elderly dogs.

$20 per visit.

There’s no place like home….
If you’re going away for a week, weekend or just over night, your cat would be much happier staying at home than being boarded in a kennel. Feel at ease while you’re gone knowing that your cat will be fed, water refreshed, litter cleaned and enjoy a half hour of kitty playtime. If you are away more than one day, collecting your mail, bringing in your garbage/recycling bins, watering plants and alternating your house lighting will be included at no extra cost.

$20 per visit ($2 extra per additional cat)